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An excellent health care service unit in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Since 1999, Al Abeer Medical Company has a reputation and legacy of compassionate care that is expressed and lives in our mission and values. Anyone who experience this care will find that it is rooted in commitment that touches the hearts and souls of all those who come to us.
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Our Locations
Jeddah Al Abeer Medical center, Sharafiah, KSA
Tel : 92 0000 501
Jeddah Al Abeer Medical center, Industrial City, KSA
Tel: 92 0000 502
Jeddah Al Abeer Medical center, Azizeyyah , KSA
Tel : 92 0000 503
Jeddah Al Abeer Medical center, Bawadi, KSA
Tel :92 0000 504
Jeddah Hassan Ghazzawi Hospital, Anakish, KSA
Tel : 02 663 6333
Makkah Al Abeer Medical center, Azizeyyah, KSA
Tel : 92 0000 506
Makkah Saudi National Hospital, Azizeyyah, KSA
Tel : 02 556 2177
Madinah Al Abeer Medical center, Al-Nasr, KSA
Tel : 92 0000 507
Riyadh Al Abeer Medical center, Batha, KSA
Tel : 92 0000 516
Riyadh Al Abeer Medical center, Shumaisy, KSA
Tel : 92 0000 517
Riyadh Al Abeer Medical center, Manfuha, KSA
Tel : 92 0000 518
Muscat Al Abeer Medical center, Muscat, Oman
Tel : 92 0000 501 Ext. 230
Kerala Al Abeer Hospital, Kerala, India
Tel : 0483 2757 208
Qatar Al Abeer Medical Centre, Doha, Qatar
Tel : 00974-44445678, 44236060.
Our Mission
" Our mission is to bring affordable healthcare within the reach of every individual. We are committed to the achievement and maintenance of excellence in customer satisfaction, and world class healthcare for the benefit of humanity. "
Mr. Mohammed Alungal Chairman & Managing Director
Shiya Abdul Salam HSE Administrator, Saudi Arabia
I just had my treatment at Al Abeer Medical center and I am very satisfied with all aspects of my treatment. The staff takes exceptional care, the methods and equipment are modern and the accommodations are clean. I don't think I could have got better treatment anywhere else......
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